The Bible Doesn't Say That - Part 2

Obedience Leads to Riches
The American Dream has been the reason that millions of people long to come to the U.S. The American Dream is a theory that anyone can become prosperous if we just work hard enough. It doesn’t matter if you are an immigrant like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a college dropout like Bill Gates, someone that was abused and molested as a child like Tyler Perry, or born into poverty and a rebellious teen like Oprah Winfrey.
These and many others have been hailed as proof that the American Dream is real and achievable for all. They point to individuals like Abraham Lincoln who failed time and time again to get elected and still went on to become the President of the United States. They talk about the young friends who started a business in their garage that went on to become Apple.
This idea of perseverance for prosperity is not limited to the U.S. Just read the story about a former school teacher that was almost homeless when she finally found someone who would take a ch…

The Bible Doesn't Say That

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
When I was a child I learned all sorts of information that I later learned was not real. My grandmother told me that if I sang at the table it would rain the next day, that when a cow lays down it was going to rain, or that when the crescent moon is lit on the bottom it is holding the water and we won’t have rain. My grandmother had a lot of theories on the rain.
My teachers told me that Columbus discovered America…then later told me that it was actually Amerigo Vespucci because Columbus only discovered the Caribbean…then I was told that Leif Erickson actually discovered America about 500 years before Columbus only to learn later that the Native Americans came from Northeast Asia about 13,000 years ago.
I was also told that George Washington never told a lie and that he threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River. However, the Potomac River is about a mile wide. So much for his never telling a lie.
There are many other things that I have since le…

Love Even When...

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Why is it that repairs never seem to be needed when we just happen to have some extra cash on hand? Instead they happen when we have no extra funds available. Why is it that our car always breaks down in the worst location: like the basement of an underground parking garage with ceilings too low for a tow truck to enter. Why is it that when you take your car to the garage it no longer is making that funny noise you kept hearing all week long?
Why is it that the a/c always stops working on the hottest day of the year and the heat stops working on the coldest day of the year? Why is it that kids never get sick at a convenient time? Both of our boys would be happy and bouncing around all day long and then around midnight they would come into our room to let us know that they are sick.
Why is it that someone always needs my help on the one day that I finally had nothing to do all day long? The day that I was going to get some of that work a…