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Unless you were a first-class athlete, you probably experienced a little anxiety when teams were choosing sides. Please don’t let me be chosen last. There is nothing more embarrassing than to be standing on the sideline waiting to be chosen, especially when it falls down to you and the most uncoordinated, frail, nearsighted, kid that is at least 2 years younger than everyone else that has been chosen. And if he happens to get chosen before you, well, there is no way that could happen because there is no way on God’s green earth that you could possibly be worse than he is, right? Whew!
As we continue our series, Stronger, we see tonight that followers of Jesus don’t have to stand on the sidelines feeling anxious, because the Bible tells us that we have the choice. God offers us His free gift of forgiveness and salvation, yet we must choose to accept that free gift.
We Choose to Be Like Jesus Scientists know that ducks te…

Stronger: An Introduction in Ephesians

Have you ever dreamed of being stronger?
When NASA astronaut Steve Austin is severely injured in the crash of an experimental aircraft, he is "rebuilt" in an operation that costs $6 million. That would be about $34 million today based on inflation. His right arm, both legs and the left eye are replaced with "bionic" implants that enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms: he can run at speeds of over 60 mph, his eye has a 20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities, and his bionic limbs all have the equivalent power of a bulldozer. He uses his enhanced abilities to work for the Office of Scientific Intelligence as a secret agent.
Supervising the trial of an experimental gamma bomb that he designed for the U.S. Defense Department at a nuclear research facility in New Mexico, Dr. Bruce Banner selflessly rushed to the rescue of an ignorant teenager who had wandered onto the testing field as the countdown ticked inexorably toward zero. After shoving yo…

Show Me the Way

People have asked me why I do what I do. Why am I a church planter? Why am I a pastor? Why do I direct an afterschool program? Why do I hold community events? Why do I help people that have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs? The answer is always the same: because people are calling out for help, begging for someone to show them the way.
In 1989 Nintendo began selling the Gameboy, the World Wide Web was invented, and the first GPS satellite was launched.
People mostly remember 1989 because it was the year that race riots occurred in Miami, the Exxon Valdez spilled its cargo of oil in Alaska’s Prince Williams Sound, the Tiananmen Square massacre happened, the Menendez brothers shot their parents, and the San Francisco earthquake took place during the World Series. It was a rough year.
It was also the year that televangelist John Nunes was found guilty of embezzling $158 million and televangelist Jim Bakker was convicted of fraud and conspiracy and sentenced to 45 years …

What's Hiding Inside?

A bible study based on the book "A Wrinkle In Time"
See how many words you can make out of these letters: A WRINKLE IN TIME
In the simple phrase, “A Wrinkle in Time.” 4 small words. 5 nondescript syllables. 14 unremarkable letters. But as we discovered, hidden inside there was a vast language! Did you know that rearranging those 14 insignificant letters can create 748 different words in the English language? There’s a lot hiding underneath.
It’s like that with us. On first glance, we may look pretty normal. The dancer. The jock. The joker. The writer. The slacker. Nothing new or special about you or me. But pierce the surface of any one of us, you’ll discover unending universes of thoughts, emotions, hopes, pain, dreams, regrets, curiosities and total weirdness! Those combinations of universes are what make us so unique – unlike anyone who has ever lived before us or after.
Made to Be Wonderful In Psalm 139, the writer says to God, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me …

The Bible Doesn't Say That - Part 5

God Won't Give You More Than You Can Handle Watch this message on Facebook Live
One day I was whining a bit to a friend. I was complaining about how difficult life is. How I was experiencing financial problems due to a bankruptcy. Griping about how much work I was doing and how little free time I had to spend with my family. Fussing about some things the kids broke at home. Stressing over the fact that we had one car with three drivers and no possible means to get another. Fretting about health issues. After I unloaded all of this on him, he gave me a goofy little smile and said, “Well, God will never give you more than you can handle.”
I was suddenly like, Dude! Where do you get off telling me some lame religious mantra like that after I just bared my soul to you? Have you even read the Bible or is your life just a collection of Internet memes that have no basis in fact? Tell me where you found that in the Bible so that I can name it and claim it, because I have read it from cove…